Friday, August 1, 2014

Turn Up, Day 1

How It Went
Today was meh.  Brian was home for the first time all week, so I cooked breakfast with stuff that needed to be used up.  We had steak tips, scrambled eggs, and biscuits.  I put some roasted strawberries and whipped cream on the biscuits.  Heavenly!  

I went to CrossFit, got my ass handed to me, and was pooped out for the rest of the afternoon.  I ate some cherries in bed with Church.

Later I put Brian in charge of dinner.  He got Chinese.  I had 3 dumplings, 3 crab rangoons, and some fried rice.  We watched a movie and I made some popcorn and had Pepsi aka the devil's sweat.  I did have a good amount of water today, so I'm happy about that

Today's lessons
Know what dinner is going to be before I go to CrossFit.

Eat lunch and snacks even if I'm tired!!

Last night's salad was delicious and fast.  Keep salad stuff in the kitchen at all times.  Canned soup too!

Tomorrow's plan
Tomorrow I have an OCR.  The big challenge will be not have fast food breakfast.  I'll pack pb&j sandwiches in the morning.  I know that we're having garlic shrimp, yellow rice, and broccoli for dinner, so that's all set.  We might go out for lunch after the race, so I'm committing to have a bbq chicken salad at Panera.  Panera or bust!!


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