Monday, March 16, 2015

32 Days Until The Beast!

Grover, one of the CrossFit dogs, is greedy and always eats my snacks.  Today he swiped potato chips.  This was after he sniffed my butt during squats.  What a pal!Monday means time for the strength circuit.  Kate said that my clean looked good, and Brian complimented me on my plank.  He said that I've come a long way.  I felt really strong today!  
 One of the exercises is a kettlebell rack walk, and I graduated to heavier kettlebells.  Superstar!  I'm still amazed that I walked so far on Saturday with no pain, but Kate said that my GPS is pretty accurate.  I feel really ready.

Tomorrow I'm going to HIIT class, walking, and going either to hip hop or 5:45.  I should get to bed then.  5am will be here soon!


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