Friday, May 1, 2015

Beast Tales: Beyoncé

Everyone knows that I love Beyoncé!  ok, I could do without "Baby Boy" and "Beautiful Liar."  I just never got into them.  However, Beyoncé's music and her work ethic have motivated me so much over the years.  The night before the race I took a drive to the mountain, listened to "End of Time" (my all time favorite), and gave myself a pep talk.  I also got gas and forgot I was in NJ.  I was very surprised when an attendant came up to the car.  haha

The next day, towards the end of the race, probably around mile 10, I came across a man on the side of the trail.  He looked pretty tired and had no food.  I offered him some oatmeal cookies, and he was all kinds of grateful for those little cookies!  Later on, I was walking near him and Eugene, and we came across a wall that we had to walk across.  Of course, my acrophobia showed up, and I couldn't breathe.  Right at that moment, the guy's phone rang.  It was "End Of Time."  Turns out that that was the ringtone for his fiancee!  I heard that song and was immediately able to cross the wall and finish the race.  After we went a little farther, I told him my Beyoncé story and told him to tell his fiancee that she saved my butt.

See how Bey shows up in my life and shows the hell out?!  

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