Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Super Training-38 Days to Go!

It's been almost a month since NJ, and after a week or so of somewhat easy workouts, I jumped back into training for the next race, the Boston Super on June 21.  It's in Barre, Massachusetts.  Yesterday I went to 5:45 CrossFit and saw this dog in the parking lot.  What a face!

After CrossFit, I strutted over to Garrison Hill Park for a quick trip down and up the hill with a 50 lb. bag of gravel stuffed in my backpack.  I can't find my bucket, so I have to go back to Home Depot to get one.  Here's my backpack at the bottom of the hill.

Here's my face when I saw how much farther I had to go up the hill.  This seemed like a great idea at the time though.  haha

After I got to the top of the hill and went up the water tower (without the bag), I saw this dog walking around and sniffing flowers.  Her name is Chassie (sp), and she was so big and fluffy.

Then I went to hip hop.  It was a great morning.  Today is rest day, so that means Zumba and more hip hop to keep my muscles loose.  I'm also booking some chiropractor and massage appointments. Finally, I'm gearing up to register for the Pennsylvania Super with Jennifer.  Lordy!


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