Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My first trifecta!

My Spartan trifecta is done!  My friend Jennifer and I planned on doing the Pennsylvania Super, but she withdrew after her beloved pet rabbit Axel passed away.  I went to Pennsylvania with Sarah, a Team Ilene teammate and future Spartan course designer (I'm speaking it into existence!).  The PA Super had been billed as a mini-Beast and it kicked my tail! 

 I still can't believe that I accomplished this goal.  When I first thought of doing it, I figured that it would be a challenge.  I had no idea how hard it would be to complete the race and how much time training would take.  Because I'm a walker (I jog for very brief periods), I'm on the course for a very long time (12 hours for the Super and 8 for the Sprint), so I'm also carrying more food and water which makes my Camelbak heavier.  I'm so unbelievably proud of myself for hitting one of my 2015 fitness/athletic goals.
Flexing before getting my ass handed to me at the Sprint!
I got over the vertical cargo net without freaking out!
Urania and I!  She got her trifecta on this day.  We were one of the last ones to finish and got swept by OCR legend (and 4th place finisher that day) Hobie Call.
Oscar with his medals.

After I came back from PA, Jennifer texted me and said she wanted to do the PA Sprint, so like a good Spartan Battle Buddy, I drove back down and we got it done.  

Jennifer and I before the sprint!
I love the sandbag carry!

We stopped for ice cream at the top of the mountain.  
Official trifecta picture in the victory tent.

After the race! 

 I am still signed up for the Killington Beast and the Boston and Fenway Sprints, so there's a small chance that I'll get a double trifecta.  Killington will be rough, and I'm pretty sure I'll DNF because I'm a slow racer.  I still plan on going.  I thought of the triple, but who knows?  That would require the SC Beast and the NJ Super, and that could be a lot.  

For now I'm happy to have my trifecta done!  
Go me!

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