Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Super Eve!

Tomorrow is the Spartan Super, the second of the three races I need for my trifecta!  I'm going out with Team Ilene for what looks to be an awesome day of laughs and burpees.  It's supposed to rain, so I hope we don't get pulled off course.  I feel good about my training.  I didn't do as many long walks as I did for the Beast, but I also didn't slack on my CrossFit or Alex classes.  Note: We're still living in a hotel.  sigh 

I last came across this obstacle in Amesbury and damn near had a breakdown.  Let's see how it goes tomorrow.  My plan is to do it fast, Leroy Jenkins style.  Let's do this!

This is what it looks like underneath.  Not too bad!  😕

I got a pic with the first place winner.  He's a really nice guy!

I also got a picture with Rob, another elite athlete that I see at different races.  He told me that I looked really different and that he hardly recognized me.  We talked about Killington, and he helped me make a decision about it.  

I'm staying at the cutest house.  They have goats, and the goats are always getting into mischief.  They're supposed to be in the barn, but they got into the garden.  oh goats!

Time for bed because the Super awaits! I'm really glad I did the Beast first.  AROO!  AROO!  AROO!


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