Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kind Eating: Week 2

Hey y'all!
 For those of you just joining the fun, I'm currently an English and Women's Studies professor at the University of New Hampshire, and I teach Tuesday-Thursday afternoons.  I have a habit of not eating enough when the semester gets hectic, and in the past I've yelled at myself and been unsuccessful.  This semester I'm trying kindness.  I am working on 3 teeny weeny goals, eating breakfast, packing lunch, and taking my vitamins.  Here's how the second week went!

Last week I noticed that having these protein and spinach on tortilla meals worked well.  They're tasty, portable, and filling.  I went with them again this week, so much so that I had them for dinner too.  Here were this week's kind eating takeaways.

  • If I like a meal, I should keep it up.  In the past I worried about being in a rut, but I'm giving myself permission to keep things easy.
  • This week I was starting to feel the rush of the semester.  One day I had to force myself to eat breakfast and wound up eating it while packing lunch.  Another day I ate my sandwich in the car on the way to school because I forgot about a meeting.  I want this to stop.
  • Because I want this to stop, I'm implementing 2 changes this week.  If I have a meeting from 12:40-2 (our school's chosen meeting time) I will not plan any meetings after this slot.  I need to give myself time to eat; I teach at 3:40.  Also, I will pack my lunch box the night before with my fruit and drink so that lunch packing and breakfast can feel less frantic.  I felt frantic this week wondering where my peaches went.  
  • I really don't like eating in my car, so I'm going to stop.  It feels rushed.  I don't want to feel rushed.
  • I have a Panera reward ($5 off an online order), so I'm planning to use it on Tuesday to buy a bbq chicken salad.  I'm still packing lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.

I had salad one day, but tortillas for every other meal.  

Best quick meal I've ever made.
That tortilla is struggling though!

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