Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kind Eating: Week 3

This was a challenging week because while I had all my food at home to make breakfast and lunch, I could feel the nervous energy of the semester creeping into my mornings.  I still made sure to eat breakfast!  

On Thursday, I packed lunch but didn't eat it because I was still full from breakfast.  This week I will keep tweaking this goal so that I eat breakfast early enough to be hungry for lunch.  I will eat breakfast by 9 and see how it goes!

Here are some pics!

I had cheap soup at Panera on Tuesday and shared it with Brian.  

I brought leftovers to school!

This was pretty much what every meal looked like all week.  

This week I am adding bikram yoga to my schedule, so I will see how this changes my eating schedule!  I expect to feel more stress and I plan to meet that stress with soup.  Soup is what I eat when I need convenient nourishment.

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