Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Let's Get It: Day 4

As a trainer and instructor, I think it's important that I maintain my own athletic dreams.  Today I signed up for the Timberman Sprint, the same triathlon I DNF'ed this summer.  After some thought I decided not to do any Spartan races next year (except for maybe Killington) and will instead devote my training to this triathlon and pole fitness. I'd also like to try some GoRucks!

On the trainer front, I watched a video lecture on muscle conditioning.  I sent my CV to a local gym so that I can move forward with teaching a Zumba Gold class, and I let another place know that I want to audition.  

The Fenway Sprint is in a few days,and my legs are recovered from Sunday's race.  My toenails are still bruised up and achy.  

On Sunday I'll be co-hosting a YouTube show!  

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