Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge Class, Round 3

                                                             This is how I felt today!

Today was the first day of the Weight Loss Challenge Class aka Coach Royce's Hour of Power!  The class is twice a week for 10 weeks, and this is my third time with Coach Royce and my classmates.  We've been together since the summertime, and it's been great watching everyone work so hard to achieve their goals.  Here are my stats for today.

Push ups: 23
Sit ups: 23
Wall sit-5:12

The wall sit was pretty brutal, but I cleared my mind and focused on my breath to get through it.  I was really surprised that I lasted as long as I did.  I'll get tested on this again in 10 weeks.  I'd really like to increase my push up and sit up number.


  1. Yay! Look at those numbers! Is that 12 seconds on the wall sit? Ugh...those are so brutal.

  2. No, I did 5 minutes and 12 seconds on the wall sit. I like how her legs are all giggly! haha It was really hard, but I just breathed deeply and focused.