Monday, April 7, 2014

CrossFit Update, Week 4

CrossFit continues to flow along.  On Wednesday night, I met Kate for more fun with rowing.  I can't remember what the warmup and the skill review were, but the workout was 5 rounds of 7 wall ball shots (I had to throw a medicine ball up at a target on the wall), 7 ring rows, and 7 push ups.  Luckily, I had Grover to bring much comic relief.  He licked my head during push ups and just generally stood around looking cool.

I also met with the fabulous Kate Stone this past Sunday.  Here's what we did.  I remember much more of it!

500 m. row warm up
Lots of fun stretching.  I really like when we get to bend over and sway from side to side like rag dolls. We also moved our shoulders around which is always a treat for me.

The skill I learned was jumping pullups.  When I first heard that, I wondered if Kate was talking to me. She brought over a wooden box and told me to step on it.  Now I trust her completely, so I did it.  She told me to bend down until I was hanging from the bar.  Then I had to jump up.  Of course, I thought my big behind was going through that wooden box.  I had already asked her what the weight limit is, but she said I'd be fine.  I also mentioned that I was scared of heights.  This is when her skills as a coach really came through.  She said that she wouldn't let me fall and that she'd catch me.  She's pretty strong, so I felt like I was in good hands with Allstate.  I did maybe 10 of these, and I say this now and know that I will look back at this later.  I have no idea how long it will take me to do a pullup.  On Sunday it felt impossible, so now I'm really looking forward to doing it.

On Sunday, I learned a new term, "chipper."  Kate also called it a "row sandwich."  Here's what we did!

550 meter row
15 lunges with the weight on my back
15 lunges with the weight on my rack (tee hee)
15 thrusters (We reviewed this before I got started!)
15 AbMat sit ups (I really like these!)
15 ring rows
550 meter row.

Since I had to row a total of 1500 meters, Kate said I should just add another 100 to make it an even mile.  I never thought I could row a mile, much less row a mile and do other things.  When I left, I was pretty pooped, but not incapacitated.

I'm halfway through my on ramp classes, and I'm looking forward to attending Kate's 5:45 am class real soon.

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  1. This post just made my day. My workout game has been pathetic. I needed to read about people doing amazing things. You do so many amazing things! I don't know what a row sandwich is, but I'd like to try it. I love sandwiches.