Sunday, July 20, 2014

Coach Royce

I mentioned in my last post that I'd spend some time introducing and showing gratitude for all my great instructors!  First up, Royce Claflin aka good ol' Coach Royce.  He's the truth!  When you get a high five from Coach Royce, you the real MVP.

Coach Royce jumps in on Flex Friday!
We look so beautiful.  Don't you agree?

Where You Can Find Coach Royce
Integrated Fitness of Dover
Integrated Fitness in Dover, NH
He has an entertaining and informative YouTube channel, FitnessFlux
He's on Facebook too!  Coach Royce's Facebook Page

How We Met
My friend Doug told me about a Weight Loss Challenge Class that he'd been participating in.  He was working with another trainer, and I went to Coach Royce's class because it fit with my schedule (Tuesday/Friday at 4:30).  I was hooked the first day and have since been through multiple rounds of Coach Royce's class.  I had to drop out of the last one due to my back, but I'll be back next time!

Activities/Programs I Do With Him
Coach Royce's weight loss challenge class aka "Coach Royce's Hour Of Power" is a sweat-packed funfest.  We have small groups (around 10 folks or so), and we go through a warm up, a circuit, and stretching.  He always shows us the moves, and I love that he makes everything look super easy and that he can talk while doing the movement.  (I aspire to that.  haha)  It's always a special treat when he takes outside to flip the tires and jump rope.  He always finds fun stuff for us to do.

This class pushes me to do things that I never knew existed (like burpees, inchworms, and wall sits). He taught me how to do push ups and how to jump rope.  I've done hamstring curls and mountain climbers.  Most notably, he recruited me for the Integrated Fitness Powerlifting Team and has inspired me to lift heavier and heavier.  

What I Value About Him
I have a very deep respect for Coach Royce's dedication to his craft.  For example, he practices squats over and over again until he gets it as close to perfect as possible.  I knew that he does it with us students, but he also does it with himself.  For him, fundamentals are key.  He also chronicles his goal setting and recovery from shoulder surgeries.  He's a really inspiring athlete.

Here he shows us how to do proper push ups! 

He works so hard to make it look super smooth.  He also teaches us how to do a strong bench press!

He's a great coach, and I especially love the way he empowers women in his classes.  

I adore what Coach Royce does for the women I know.  He takes female athletes seriously, and there are some seriously strong women in his classes!!  He celebrates women's strength, and that's pretty cool to this Women's Studies professor.  Women come alive when they're in his classes, and it's great to see.  

Coach Royce Got Jokes!!
My favorite thing about Coach Royce is that he pushes you, but is adept at helping us work with injuries.  He knows everything and can help me modify anything.  He never lets us give up, and when I'm ready to quit, he always shows up and the following exchange happens, "How's it going?  You feel that in your (insert whatever muscle we're working)?"  "Yes, Coach Royce.  It kinda sucks right now."  "Good."  

He also calls you by whatever exercise you're doing, so we often hear, "Good job, burpees!"  "Keep it up, Rows!"  He cheers us on and encourages us to celebrate one another's accomplishments.  Great team building!!

Coach Royce always has a great smile and a corny joke for us.  He's a pretty special guy, and I'm grateful that he coaches me.  I'm looking forward to joining him in the next round of the Weight Loss Challenge class and working with him for my next powerlifting meet!  Here we are at my first one!  What a great looking team.

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  1. Captures the essence of Coach Royce, Courtney. Never thought of him from the feminist POV before and am glad you pointed that out here.