Sunday, April 5, 2015

My First Day at EverProven CrossFit!

I'm quickly coming up on my CrossFit anniversary and I'm trying to clean old pictures off my computer, so this makes me want to go back to the first time I ever walked into EverProven CrossFit. Picture it.  Dover, NH.  August 2013.  Colonel Sanders and I worked very hard on a sign for Alex! There were many stickers and lots of glue.

Owl model
Staring to make sure I get it done.


I was very impressed by how hard the athletes worked!

Alex rows!
More people doing stuff!

Alex had to hold these.
Kate must be giving a pep talk!
There were lots of people stretched out on the floor afterwards.
This guy is doing something, but I'm not sure what it is.
The whiteboard tells you what to do.
Blurry fun with burpees.
Probably another pep talk
More people on the floor.

Afterwards the cat buddies were really excited about the sign and they were inspired to work extra hard at their naps.

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