Friday, May 1, 2015

People noticing my weight loss makes me feel weird!

I am the coordinator of the English department's First Friday's Lecture series, and today I took our speaker to lunch before his presentation.  I ordered a caprese scramble (scrambled eggs with pesto, tomato, and mozzarella), ditched the bread for beans, and substituted fruit for home fries.  After I dug into my food (I was hungry!), the server came to the table and asked if everything was good.  I mean, the cheese could have been melted, but I chose not to be petty about it.  The following conversation then happened.

Server:  Did you use to come in here a lot?
Me: Yes, but I haven't been in in a while.
S:  Did you lose a lot of weight?
M: Yeah, I lost a little.
S:  You look amazing!  I was talking to (don't remember the name she said) in the back, and we were wondering if you were the same person.
M: (trying to eat my eggs before they get cold) oh, that's cool.
S: How did you do it?
M: Eating stuff like this.  Zumba.  CrossFit.  Cookies.
S:  You must feel so great.  I lost 35 lbs., and I feel like a new person.
M: Yeah, well that's great.

Then it was over and I was left with the speaker (an engaging and brilliant man).  I had no idea what to say.  I quickly changed the subject back to Shakespeare and nibbled on the rest of my lunch.

Talking to people about my weight loss, especially in public, still makes me feel very weird.   I feel like the same person, so when people say that I look different, I'm surprised.  Luckily, she also wanted to talk about her weight loss, so the discussion wasn't all about me.  That was good.

I came home (ok, to the hotel) and read some material on Health At Any Size.  So much more to think about!

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