Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Super Training-Still 12 Days To Go/Timberman Training-67 Days To Go!

Note: I started writing this last night, but fell asleep and am finishing it in the morning since I didn't wake up for 5:45 CrossFit.  well, ok I did wake up long enough to turn my alarm off.

Somehow my phone still says I have a dozen days until this race, so ok girl.  Today I made my packing list, went to the store, and swapped Oscar (green Camelbak) for Grimace (purple Camelbak).  I spent a few minutes packing said Camelback and soon I'll turn my attention to the bag I'll check.  That's always the easiest bag to pack!

Church was so helpful here!  tee he

While I'm getting the usual mix of excitement and panic about the upcoming race, I'm also looking a little ways down the horizon to my first triathlon, the Timberman Sprint Triathlon on August 15.  Last night I went swimming in the hotel pool because I found it to be very relaxing and good for my muscles in April.  I decided that last night would be a great time to push myself a bit and get in some laps.  Man, listen!

oh Drake!  Is there any lesson you can't teach?
That swimming kicked my behind!  It was so hard, and all my breath was gone after a few laps.  I will have to spend lots more time in the pool.  Don't even get me started on that bike.  Now that I feel like OCR is a pretty done deal and doesn't need tons of prep other than CrossFit, hikes (with teeny running breaks), and mobility stuff, I've got to get moving on this.

I'll be doing a lot of riding the summer!  


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