Monday, August 31, 2015

Unbothered Bonus: Enlist A Friend For Videos!

Hey friends!

I'm doing some website work and finalizing the first "One Song Workout Class" video. Wondering what that is?

Each video will have a warm up, some fancy cardio moves, one or two strength exercises, and a cool down all in the space of one song.  My plan is to use a range of different musical genres, so if you have a favorite tune, holla at a schola.

Turns out I've been making workout videos for a long time!  In March 2014, I convinced my husband to join me for Move Something March.  We only lasted a few days.  haha  Even if I can't convince him to join me for everything, I will get him to return for some High Five Crunches and Lil Boosie! We won't do them in our creepy basement either.  I just love him!

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