Sunday, August 30, 2015

Unbothered Day 30: Give It Away

In order for me to keep what I have, I choose to give it away.  Today this meant that in order to continue managing my acrophobia, I chose to be of service to another acrophobe.  I was at my Spartan Sprint, and I had to go across a bridge.  I was nervous because the path across the bridge was a net, and I hadn't anticipated being able to stare down into the abyss.  I took a deep breath, started up the ladder, and about 4 rungs up, met a woman having a panic attack.  I asked her if she was ok, and she said that she was scared of heights.  I told her that I'm scared of heights too and asked if we could go up together.  She asked if she could get down, and I said sure.  She chose to keep going up the ladder.  "What's your name?"  "Tara."  We stopped a few times and took deep breaths together, and I told her how I usually need someone to talk me through the heights.  I told her how I spent 20 minutes on a bridge having a panic attack during my first Sprint.  (I was convinced that they would need a helicopter to get me)  

A guy was at the top of the ladder and he told her to look up at him.  He asked her her name and where she's from.  Turns out he's from NJ, so we chatted a bit about Jersey.  Tara is from South Boston.  We got to the to top of the ladder, and then it was time to go across.  A volunteer came over and told Tara that she could sit on her bottom and scoot across the net.  I chose to stand and walk.  We got to the other side, and I told Tara that she could climb down close to one side so she could use the railing.  She said that this was the one obstacle she wanted to face today, even though she was terrified.  

 Helping her helped me calm down and stay focused.  It was an opportunity for me to practice the coping skills I'd been taught.  Being of service to someone else who shares my struggle was the very best thing I did today!

The path up the ladder
Cargo net across the bridge!
Getting ready to climb down!
I wonder how high we were.
Tara was really happy that she got down safely!  She rocked it!

A-Frame Victory!
So like I said, if I want to keep being able to manage my acrophobia, I have to keep being of service to my fellow acrophobes.  That's the only way I get to do cool things like this!

Thought For Today:  When it comes to fitness and wellness (or any other area of my life), how can I be of service to someone who shares my struggle?

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