Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Quick Note To Fat Shamers From a Supposed "Good Fatty"

I currently working on an essay on black feminism, fat studies, and the politics of respectability.  I'm also writing a memoir about how weight loss led me to develop a black feminist fat politics.  Here are some initial notes I posted on Facebook today based on some pictures and videos I saw online.  I won't be linking to these people because I refuse to give them more exposure.   

Me at Sunday's Spartan Sprint.
I'm nobody's good fatty.  

The hard part about responding to fat shaming on social media (besides the fact that it hurts and makes me want to walk away from people and groups I otherwise like) is that I am intent on protesting it without using my status as a "good fatty" to make my point.  "Hey, not fat people are lazy.  Look at me!  I like spinach!!  I work out every day.  I've got a triathlon tomorrow."   Frankly I don't care if you think I'm confident or an inspiration or a success.  Girl, you know I don't even know you like that.  ALL I care about is how you treat the next fat person you encounter.  I'm not the exception to the rule.  You just have shitty fat-hating rules, and fat people don't have to workout or eat salads to be worthy of your attention.  You ain't nobody.

And another thing.  Girl, you know what?  Let me get back to making these videos and minding my fat ass black ass business.  I just had to get this off my ample chest because while I BEEN tired of y'all getting rich by insulting fat bodies, today I'm ESPECIALLY tired of you using us as punching bags and props for you to work out your own issues with food, your parents, your body, whatever it is.  Just stop it.  Leave us alone.  If you don't like soda, don't drink it.  You want to go for a walk, go for it.  Don't use us to feel better about your movement or food choices.

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