Friday, December 25, 2015

Ask A Sista: Day 25

I am currently an intern at Phoenix Fitness in Dover, NH.  This is today's 5:30am resistance training class.  I'm really excited to work at a place where people work out on holidays.  

Today Coach Royce (the guy on the end and knower of all things) quizzed me while I did some cleaning.  I told him that I've been cataloging the gym's equipment and brainstorming full body workouts that only use 1 piece of equipment.  He said, "Let's say you have someone new to exercise, and all you have for your session is a medicine ball.  What would you do to introduce them?" 

I answered that after the warm up we would work on ball slams.  Because the person is new I would break the movement into 2: squatting to pick the ball up off the floor and pressing it overhead.  Once the client felt comfortable doing them separately, we'd put them together into a ball slam.  We'd also do standing partner twists with them.  

He said that that this is a great answer because we did compound functional movements.  

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