Sunday, February 7, 2016

An 18-inch box jump! Say what??

Hey girl!  Hey!  Guess what happened today?!

I have been terrified of jumping for years.  Not only am I afraid of heights, but I always thought I'd break bones in my foot and legs.  Irrational maybe, but whatever.

Today I finished teaching Sunday Funday Zumba at the Y and headed over to Phoenix Fitness to do some circuit class planning.  There were some boxes sitting around, so I decided to put on some Beyoncé and try some jumps.  I had already done a 6-inch jump, and was really surprised to make it onto the 12-inch box.  Why not put them together, right? King Bey had me hyped.

I'm so proud of myself!  I made box jumps one of my 2016 goals, and I did it.  It took years, and I did it.  

Big thanks to the wonderful coaches at EverProven CrossFit, especially Christian Seeber. Christian is my favorite because he took my fear of jumping seriously and was the first coach to suggest alternate step ups (which made me feel safe) with jumping onto a plate (which also made me feel safe).  He's so brilliant and caring! 

We outchea!!  I think it's time to sign up for the Open again.

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