Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Sweat Schedule

7am Zumba with Alex
6pm Tap Dance with Lindsey and Kelsey

9am hip hop cardio with Alex (soon to be 9:05)
4:30 weight loss challenge class with Coach Royce (also known as Coach Royce's Hour of Power)

7am Zumba with Alex
7pm Zumba plus toning with Alex

9am Zumba with Alex
7:15 Zumba with Alex
8:15 hip hop with Alex

7am barre with Alex
4:30 weight loss challenge class with Coach Royce

9:15am Zumba with Alex

Sunday Funday Rest Day Best Day Swim

Alex shows up a lot because she rocks.  She's an excellent instructor, and I think everybody should take classes with her.  She's also the most dog-loving person I know.  In addition to being the queen of dance fitness, she makes these really great exercise challenge calendars.  This month we're working on our abs.  whoop whoop!  

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