Friday, January 3, 2014

Things I Ponder While Lying In Sweat

               Yes, that is sweat!

I give every workout 100%, but there are three times a week when I get to lie in a sweat puddle: Friday barre class with Alex and the two Hours of Power with Coach Royce.  It never fails.  It's impossible for me to look cool and collected, so I don't even try.

 Today's Coach Royce class was challenging.  We warmed up, did a super fun circuit, and then we did bridges and hamstring curls with planks in between.  Brian (my husband) joked that the back of my head was soaked and that I looked like a Soul Glo commercial (Note to self: Pick up Soul Glo shirt).  As I dragged myself through our last set of one-legged bridges, I could feel the rest of the class slip away.  By the time we rested, it was just me, my breath, the music, and my dripping face.  I welcomed the chance to be thoughtful and to feel my lungs doing their thing.  I thought about how proud I was that I worked hard at the long jump station.  I wondered why Ke$ha has a music career and if she has any ballads on her cd's.  Maybe she slays on a song other than "Timber."  I wished that the pain in my right knee would go away.  I liked being still and staring at the ceiling.

 I thought about all the choices good and bad that led me to being drenched on the floor on a Friday afternoon.  I'm already looking forward to the next one.

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