Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coach Royce's New Workout!

Today is Tuesday, one of my favorite exercise days.  At 9, I went to hip hop cardio class.  I met a new friend named Sharon.  As always, I had a blast in the back row.  Alex wore a very nifty outfit, and we did push ups.  It's always a blast seeing her.  MC Hammer continues to kick my behind, but what else is new?  Today's insight was how easy it is now to do two things:  get up off the floor and perform push ups.
 This afternoon, I went to Coach Royce's class.  It was really intense.  Here's what we did.  Today was weigh-in day, so every time a different person hopped on the scale, Coach Royce gave us a different plank.

1.  plank
2.  left side plank
3.  right side plank
4.  full plank
5.  reverse plank
6.  tabletop (or bridges if you needed to modify).  I was able to do the tabletop move.
7.  2 point plank.  We had to lift our opposite arms and legs.  This was intense, and I managed 2 of them.

We then did a warm-up of jumping jacks, squat twists, mummy kicks (my personal favorite!), and inchworms.  Of course, he did his usual funny line, "Are you warmed up yet?"  haha  It was also very funny when he said that we should have a good hamstring stretch up top, and everybody stood up.  We didn't really know what he was talking about.  Turns out that he meant we should bend over and stretch.  I thought "top" had something to do with standing up.  He said, "oh well" and got on with class.

 Coach Royce then said that he had a new workout for us.  Yay!  We counted off into 3 groups:  Team America, Deuces Wild, and Team Twerk.  I was on Team Twerk (thanks to Jenn who looked at my shirt and used that as team name inspiration).  Jenn, Bonnie, and I were looking good while we tackled our first circuit.

Circuit 1
50 TRX rows
50 TRX press
100 chest presses

Circuit 2 (2 rounds)
wall sits

Circuit 3
bicep curls
push ups
ball touches

We started with Circuit 2.  Then we moved on to Circuit 1 and finished with Circuit 3.  I was very hyped that I was able to complete my 100 chest presses with 2 20lb. weights.  I also noticed that I am much more confident that I can hold my body weight on the TRX ropes.  I remember doing rows in Nicole's class and being very nervous that I would drop myself.  Today I didn't' feel like I would do that.  I was super impressed that Coach Royce was able to keep up with all the different groups because we had different rest times.  It was a lot of fun!  We ended with stretching and by then everybody was ready to drop.

I've never done so many different exercises in an hour, and boy am I pooped!  It was another fun and active day with Coach Royce and the rest of my great class.  I came home and had dinner (chicken mole, jasmine rice, and asparagus).  I also had a cup of strawberry applesauce and some raw green beans.  Now it's time for bed! (Yes, it is 8:55pm)  I am already anticipating tomorrow's soreness.

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