Sunday, March 30, 2014

CrossFit-Weeks 2 and 3


I had plans to document my weekly exploits at CrossFit, but a sista got busy.  Over the past two weeks, I've done the following and had the following victories!

I learned/reviewed the following moves: press, push press, deadlift, thruster, and push jerk
I did some walking lunges and a move called karaoke.  There was no singing.
I've increased my rowing to 300 meters.  I really dig rowing.
I hung from the pull up rig for a second, maybe 2.  This was a big effin' deal!!  My arms are stronger than I thought they were.
I used chalk for the first time.  BIG TIMERS OVER HERE!!!
I learned new terms like EMOM and AMRAP
My hands got super sore, and I had some blisters.  Now I have callouses.

There was also a wonderful assortment of push ups, ring rows, squats, and stretches.  I'm having a fun time.  I've been enjoying my on ramp classes with Kate Stone. She's a kick ass coach and teacher.  She's always enthusiastic and knows everything about staying safe.

I have 3 more weeks of on ramp classes and am really excited about what other stuff I'll learn!  After they're over, I'll join the regular classes.  I'm tinkering around with my exercise schedule, but here it is so far.

Monday at 7:30pm
Wednesday at 6:30pm
Thursday at 5pm
Friday at 8:15am
Saturday at 10:15am

Fun with Alex
Monday 7am Zumba
Tuesday 9am hip hop
Wednesday 7am Zumba
Thursday 9am Zumba
Friday 7am Barre
Saturday 7:45am Zumba

Coach Royce's Hour of Power And Jokes
Tuesday 4:30
Friday 4:30

This could all change, but I like having a tentative plan.

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