Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Weight Loss Challenge Class Session!

                               This picture cracks me up because I sang Oh! just like Ciara. 

This past Tuesday, I embarked on another 10-week session of Coach Royce's Hour of Power.  Of course I just looked over at my phone to type in my beginning stats, and somehow I deleted all my notes.  So classy...  I do know that I walked the mile in around 17 minutes and Coach Royce gave me a goal of doing the mile in under 15 minutes next time.  I really enjoyed walking the mile.  It was cold as I don't know what out there and I think I got frostbite on my left elbow, but after I was done I really felt like I could do another one.  The only thing that I mucked up was not wearing the proper shoes.  The next day my footsies weren't trying to hear it.

 So we did some push ups too, and I told him that this round I want to be do push ups on my toes.  Remember that that's one of my 2014 goals.  He said that the road to toe push ups is paved with bench presses, so guess what I'll be working on.  I'm feeling really good about my push ups these days and my upper body strength in general.  I'm kinda the ish right now.

We also did some crunches, but I can't even remember how many I did.  I'm sure it was a respectable number.  Dang, I really lost those notes.  I hope I didn't have anything really important in there.  I guess it wasn't that pressing, but still.

I also got a body fat reading and a waist circumference measurement.  I wrote them all down, but thanks to modern technology and my inability to get right, there you go.  

I set a pretty ambitious weight loss goal for this round of the program, 25 lbs.  If I stick to my clean eating plan, this will be attainable.  However, I have stay consistent and compliant with the plan.  So far, it's been a little meh.  I ate way too much cereal this week, and I went to KFC on Thursday. This upcoming week will be different though.  I made a menu and plan to stick to it!

So far the biggest new thing in Coach Royce's class has been the deepening of my wall sit.  I'm determined to get that thing done correctly!  I'm also deepening my push ups, and I'm AMAZED to see how much I've improved with them since starting his class last summer.  I remember having to do them on the wall and now I'm on my knees looking to move to my toes.  Hard work pays off!

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