Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CrossFit Graduation (and what's next!)

This is Coach Kate aka Stone!  She rocks!!
Before Graduation 
For the past 6 weeks, I have been in the on ramp classes at EverProven CrossFit, and tomorrow is my last session with the phenomenal Kate Stone.  I thought this would be a great time to reflect back on the past few weeks, articulate what I've learned, and lay bare my fears for the next step in my CrossFit adventure.

Over the past few weeks, I have learned a whole bunch of new terms like chipper, EMOM, and AMRAP.  I learned two types of kettlebell swings. Before CF, I had never even held a kettlebell.  I've done more push ups than I ever thought I could do.  Not that I can't do push ups, but these push ups just keep going and going.

After Graduation
I'm saving up for funny socks and shirts!
I can't believe that I'm done.  For the last session, I started out with a 500 meter row.  I remember wanting to die the first time I rowed, and today it was easy.  We stretched and then reviewed jumping pullups and deadlifts.  When doing the pullups, I felt much more comfortable pulling myself up with my arms.  More importantly, I felt much more comfortable just jumping.  I never considered myself to be a jumper, so I'm excited to see what else will happen.
 We moved on to deadlifts, and I made it to 235 lbs.  My knees were a little sore, but nothing that would make me stop the movements.  I haven't forgotten my goal to make it into Coach Royce's 300 Club!  *note to self:  Follow up with Coach Royce*

 I redid the first day workout.
1.  Row 200 meters.
2.  15 squats, push ups, and ring rows.
3.  12 squats, push ups, and ring rows.
4.  9 squats, push ups, and ring rows.
5.  Row 200 meters.

The first time I did this it took me 17 minutes, and last night it took me 9 minutes.  Wow!  I almost cut it in half.  I was very impressed with myself.

Afterwards, I gave Kate her thank you presents and she presented me with the world's cutest little pink graduation cap, sash, and a cutie pie happy face bank so I can get my gear fund going.  She's such a great teacher.  You're the best, Coach Kate!!

These workouts have been the hardest and most challenging thing I've done in a very long time, and CrossFit has given me exactly what I wanted it to.  I'm going to miss Kate's good natured humor and ability to demonstrate things over and over again (I need a lot of demonstration!), and I'm ready to join the regular classes!  I'll be with her on Thursday morning at 5:45am.

In addition to the Thursday morning class, I'll be going to the Friday and Saturday morning and Monday night classes.  Onward and upward!  I'll have to ask about how other people keep track of their progress.  Once the semester is over in a few weeks, I'll go to some noon classes too.

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