Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I meant to do this update last week, but of course I was more interested in eating potato salad and going on hikes and just being fabulous.  I'll come back and post pictures of all these great goings on.

Here's what's been new!

1.  I signed up for a July 12 CrossFit competition.  I read an article which encouraged people to compete even if they think they're going to bomb.  I enjoy watching competitions, so I figured that I'd do it.

2.  I bought a jump rope and will be embarking on a 100 day jump rope challenge.  I'll put my videos here.

3.  I completed my first hero WOD!  On Memorial Day, Brian and I were partners for Murph.

1 mile run (We wogged half a mile.  ok, I wogged.  He walked)
100 pull ups (We each did 50 ring rows)
200 push ups (We each did 100)
300 squats (We each did 150)
1 mile run (We sweated and fought our way through a half mile.  Brian sprinted at the end so that he would beat me to the door.  So classy!!)

4.  I set a new bench press PR.  I'm up to 127 for 10 reps.

5.  A few months back, I participated in an article series on fat professors, and now I'm being interviewed about all my fitness adventures.  The article implied that I was "struggling" with weight, but that's not entirely true.  I struggle with squats.  I struggle with burpees.  I don't struggle with my weight.

6.  I thought of taking up roller skating this summer, but I don't want to hurt myself before the Spartan Sprint (lordy, that thing is getting closer!).  I'll take it up in the fall.

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