Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 11 goals

I did pretty ok with last week's goals.  With the exception of Friday's barre class and Saturday's usual stuff, I made all my workouts.  On Friday, class was cut short because Alex had dog duties to attend to, and on Saturday I joined my pals Samaa and Cait for a 7:30 boot camp in Portland.  Sidenote: that boot camp was amazing!  I had such a great time.

 Making it to CrossFit every day was a rewarding challenge.  Initially I was worried that it would be overwhelming, but I found that going every day is great for this step of my development. Being exposed to the terminology and the movements consistently has made them a little less daunting.  I also liked meeting a variety of coaches and seeing how I perform at different times of day.  I made it to the 5:45 am class on Tuesday and Thursday, went to the noon class on Wednesday and the 8:15am class on Friday.  I also went on Monday evening at 7:30.  This week, I learned some new things like Turkish get ups (really hard because my knees need time to warm up) and the bullet proof shoulders mobility sequence.  I must say that much of the lifting terminology is still confusing.  I'm still trying to understand what makes them different from one another.  I'm sure I'll get it soon.

Coach Royce's class was good this week.  I did some dumbbell rows on Friday and he challenged me to use the 60 lbs. weights.  It was so hard, but I did it.  My friend Doug was my lifting partner and we encouraged one another to work hard.  Coach Royce suggested that I come to 5:30 bootcamp and the deadlift class on Wednesdays.  That sounds like a fun time.

 I also made it to Zumba and hip hop with Alex.  This week's classes were good.  There were some newish songs.  It was funny on Wednesday when Carol (who had gone to Tuesday's hip hop class) remarked that there was a song she liked the day before.  Alex put it in the Wednesday class.  It involved this running motion that I was a little bit over, but I kept it cuted and muted.  whatever!  I love the 7am class and Carol.

 I have also kept up pretty well with my walk a mile a day in May goal.  I went on a couple of dog walks with Alex and went to Willand Pond on my own.  I didn't walk yesterday because I was in Portland.  

I'm kinda feeling myself for all my hard work!  As a reward, I bought a few new funny shirts and socks.  

 This week, here are my goals!

1.  Make it to CrossFit Monday-Saturday.   I'm going to stick to the times I did this week except for the Wednesday class.  I have a lot of writing to do and might not want to interrupt the day's flow.

2.  Make it to Coach Royce's class and make a decision about whether I will join the next round.  

3.  Walk a mile a day!

4.  Purge my workout clothes of things that are too big.

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