Friday, August 8, 2014

Getting Started With The Fit Fatty Decathalon

One of my big goals for the year is to complete a Fit Fatty Decathalon, but I've been so busy doing all my other things that I haven't done the things I need to do to complete it.  Here are the 10 activities I will do to complete my decathalon.  Note:  I thought I had written these somewhere, but I guess I didn't.

Traditional Events

  1. 1 mile run (Glow Run in Old Orchard Beach)
  2. 5k walk (The Color Run in NJ)
  3. Bike 5 miles
  4. Swim quarter mile (hmmm, I haven't gone for a long swim in a minute and need to check in with Operation Different Strokes!)
  5. triathalon (I didn't realize that this was an option until now.  I'll set up a day and do a teeny weeny triathalon.  I'll have to give myself a trophy or something!  ooh, maybe my birthday)

Nontraditional Events
  1. Flesh mob (It’s like a Flash Mob only Fatter! Choreograph and practice a dance and get at least one other person to dance it with you anywhere outside your house.)  I wonder who I can rope into this...
  2. Lift A Ton (Lift a total of 2000 pounds, not necessarily all at once – you can complete this over a month!)  This will be pretty simple.
  3. Stairway to Heaven (Climb 100 stairs in one day.)  I'll do this in Ham Smith.
  4. Push It Good (Do 100 push-ups (any style) in one day.)
  5. Hoopla counting (25 consecutive revolutions)  ooh, this would be cool to film!
Again, I could swear that I had these all written out already.  Anyways, I'll be working on these over the next month.

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  1. I think you did write these out somewhere. I can't remember where, though. I wanted to do some of these with you, but I wasn't really feeling the entry fee. I can still do some with you without going through the whole registration thing, I guess. We should make a plan!