Friday, August 8, 2014

Turn Up, Day 3 (which turned into day 8) *kanye shrug*

So it seems that the third day is the charm!  Today was really decent.  Brian suggested bacon and biscuits for breakfast, but I had some struggle crispies.  I've had fruit and have made a menu for the week.  This week, I want to keep it simple with protein and veggies.  I also want things that have a lot of flavor and are quick to make.

8/8 (finally finishing this entry!)
This week was pretty decent.  I enjoyed my oatmeal in the morning and my fajitas at night.  One night I made garlic shrimp and roasted asparagus.  One big pain in the butt is that I have to cook every night.  I don't like leftovers very much unless I can get them to taste different.  For example, I bought a rotisserie chicken last week and heated up the leftovers in chicken broth and butter (I love butter) and put it on a salad.  Also, I found it really easy to skip breakfast and/or lunch on Tuesday and Thursday.  On those days, I tend to lounge around until it's time for 9am class.  This is completely wack because on the other days I have no problem getting up at 6.

In order to fix that, I'm going to experiment next week with attending the 5:45am CrossFit class on Tuesday and Thursday.  When I used to go to those classes, I always had a healthy oatmeal breakfast at Panera after class.  I need to go back to that.

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