Saturday, October 18, 2014

Party Shorts or A Party In My Shorts

I LOVE THESE SHORTS!!  I bought them a year ago.  When I saw them in the store, I remember thinking that they were totally awesome.  Now that I think about it, I think they are pajamas.  No matter.  The first time I wore them was in Zumba class on my birthday.  After that I only wore them on special occasions, like my best friend Alex's birthday and to the Dance Mile in Portland.  They always make me happy because they're colorful, clash with every shirt I (and you) own, and give me an opportunity to call even more attention to my gorgeous legs.  And there's never anything wrong with that motive.

 Alex's birthday was last week and that marks the last time that I'll be able to wear my shorts.  They've just gotten to be too big.  I had to tie them extra tight the last time I put them on and lucky for me they didn't fall down and show off my butt cheeks.  In actuality, with the right underwear that could have been quite festive.

 So I'll be bidding farewell to my beloved shorts.  They have brought me (and others) lots of smiles and laughs.  Moving out of clothes makes me all misty for the fun times we had, and while I'll miss my party shorts, I'm excited to see what the next party garment will be.

Erin and I at Dance Mile in Portland, Maine (7/2014)
No sure what holiday this was. (sometime in 2014)

My 38th birthday outfit! (9/2014)
Alex and I after hip hop cardio class. (10/2014)

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