Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beast Training-51 Days! (pushing along)

She be listening up to a point!

This is the face I give myself when I don't want to train and start wallowing in self pity and being draining.  It usually goes like this.  "A sista is tired!!  Tired, I say!  Bump these races.  No girl, stay positive. I gotta keep going because every step I take now, blah blah the fuck blah.  Chile, I'm ready to sit down."  Then I get on with the day's activities.  End scene.

The last few days of treadmill, CrossFit, and circuits have me feeling a way.  While I'm not depressed or anything, I wish my life was a little more exciting.  It's workout, do laundry, eat soup, spinach, or chicken, and sleep.  This mess is boring with a capital BORING.

Yesterday I accidentally woke up at 4:30am and took 2 showers.  This can't be life!

The weather today is pretty nice and I have a day of Zumba, struggle tap, and hip hop cardio.  There's reason to be happy.  Actually that's reason to be more than happy.  I do like dancing and yucking it up on Wednesdays.  And just like that I'm happy again.  See what Claire Huxtable can do?

We outchea doing big things!
I wish I could lift my arms this high.

I guess I'll look at the positives.  51 days to go.  I've still got lots of time to build my endurance.  I've got great ideas for food and drinks to take that day.  I'm really going all out!  I bought a waterproof iPod, so I'll have some music while I'm out there.  I'm going to twerk my ass off when it's over if my knees will allow it.  Best part is that then it will be time to countdown to the Super (115 days today!)

ok, let's get it.  AROO!  AROO!  AROO!

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