Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beast Training-55 Days!

It has been a trying day.  Actually it has been a trying couple of days, and I feel very tired.  It snowed again today (surprise!), and that forced me to cut my treadmill time short.  I was supposed to go 4 miles, but only did 2.  I emailed Kate to see if we could adjust the training schedule, so I have more time on the treadmill.  She added in one more day of walking/jogging.  This makes me feel good because the distance of the race is what I'm most nervous about.  I want to feel more comfortable walking for long distances.

 Today I struggled with the emotional part of all this.  I was frustrated because the treadmill was boring.  I'm overwhelmed by the task and the expectations I'm placing on myself.  I'm angry that it won't stop snowing.  I'm worried about injuries.  It's difficult not having anyone to complain to.  Just keep breathing, girl.

 Every week I make and share my health goals because making them public holds me accountable.  I'll think about a goal that involves relaxation or rest.  That would be nice.

I took this over my shoulder.  Such badass photography skills!

I kept the treadmill on or slightly below a 4.0 incline and around a 3.5 speed.  I think I can go faster, but it's a psychological barrier.  I don't want to fall off.  Get over it, girl!  Tomorrow I'll use my Camelbak and practice sipping while walking.  This will be the time to beat.

Aroo!  Aroo!  Aroo!

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