Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beast Training-72 Days!

Today was a rest day, so I went to Zumba, struggle tap dance, and hip hop.  The 7am Zumba class is pretty quiet.  I often pray that someone louder than me comes to class.  I want a hype team.
This was today's dinner.  I heated up some cold supermarket rotisserie and ate it with spinach leaves and pineapple.  This was a great alternative to fast food!!

So I'm starting to think I can actually do this thing!  I can finish this race.  Tomorrow I go for a long walk, and I plan on doing some inclines.  Today on The Obstacle Dominator podcast I heard information about improving my posture and tips on knee protection.  All this prep makes me more excited to get out on the course.  Also, my friend Nichole made me her WCW.  Seeing a pic of me with my Sprint medal makes me want to work harder.  

 My legs aren't tired, but my knees ache from yesterday's workouts.  I wonder if I'll ever get rid of this knee pain.  I'll have to ask Coach Royce.  I want to meet him next week.  It's been too long!

I'm not sure why kombucha is so great, but I'll try this tomorrow.

A great day.  AROO!  AROO!  AROO!

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