Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beast Training-73 Days!

Today I did some stair work to practice for those hills!

I went to Alex's HIIT class, and she suggested we do Spartan up intervals instead of the intervals she planned.  Note: Kathleen and Aristedes did not come to class.  As a friend to Greeks, I was disappointed.  

 We got started and I ran out of gas pretty quickly.  I was just so tired.  I gave everything a shot except for the last round of burpees.  We talked about elbow pain during push ups (I'll do some research), and Alex said she doesn't want to lose her traps.  I agree.  We were such Spartans!  She invited me for a Sunday hike, but I'll be in NJ.  drats!  😕

Tomorrow is a rest day, so that means dancing!  AROO!  AROO!  AROO!

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