Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beast Training-75 Days! (say what?)

Today was a rest day, so I strapped on my monkey socks and went to CrossFit to get some bench press and deadlift practice for the meet that's coming up in a few weeks.

I made it to 95 on bench press and 205 on deadlift.  I haven't done either lift in so long, so I'll be working to get those numbers up.  I got a nice dose of "shut up and lift" from Kevin and Jarec.

 Coach Kate gave me the rest of my plan.  I told her that I'm worried that the weather is keeping me from spending lots of time outside.  I hope that the snow and ice will melt soon so I'll have a few weeks to play in the mud.  This week I will look for non-icy places to visit and hit the stairs.  I'll also practice eating and drinking while on the long walks.  Lastly, I'm going to stretch, especially my ankles.  

We're due for another foot of snow tomorrow, so I'll be out there Spartaning up!  AROO!  AROO!  AROO!

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