Saturday, January 31, 2015


Yesterday my sister said that she can tell that I've lost weight because my face looks different.  I feel like I look the same, so I said that I'd go back and put some pictures side by side.  Turns out that weight loss does make you look different.  Who knew?  

I see lots of "before" and "after" pictures and I vascillate between thinking they are designed to make us feel bad about what we used to look like, extend an invitation to others for them to tell you how much of a hot mess you used to look, or are just cheesy.  Note: Friends and family can talk slick because you're supposedly not Boss Hog anymore (at least not until your after picture becomes your before picture.  Then y'all pick it apart).

 I suppose documenting all this is a good thing.  I like seeing that at all weights I sought out friendships and acted a fool and didn't really do anything with my eyebrows.  

I stayed super cute and so are my buddies!

So I'll share these few pictures to say this.  I have never stopped thinking highly of and loving my body.  There are times when I get frustrated that I can't do something, but I don't hate myself or say mean things.  I figure out what I can do it and do it in a sexy and confident way.  I eat pretty much everything and refuse to exercise in order to "earn" food.  I move because I want more medals and more socks.  

I don't care if the stuff I do encourages someone to change anything about themselves (though I am ALWAYS looking for new dance buddies).  I do hope my pics and my story motivate people to be less asshole-ish to fat folks and more patient and loving towards themselves.