Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beaat Training-29 Days To Go!

I grabbed a 50 lb. bag of gravel for the bucket carry at Home Depot.  This race training is getting serious!!  (These sweatpants really need to be replaced!)

 Today was fun!  I was supposed to do an hour of hills/stairs.  I didn't, so I owe those tomorrow.  I did go to Portland for lunch with Samaa and a visit to Marie's Zumba class.

I always have a great time with Marie because we talk about being inspirational fat athletes and dream big dreams about fat people following their sporty passions.  I want to write more about this, maybe do a podcast.  Who knows?  I just wish that there was a guidebook for me, and Toni Morrison says we should write the books we wish we had.  

 I also talked to Jen and checked in about her training.  I ordered a new Camelbak (a daypack that zips all the way up) and a valve cover.  Things are really coming along!

ok, gotta be up in 6 hours for CrossFit and Piloxing.  Then I'm off to Maryland for the Saturday seminar with Elisabeth Akinwale.  


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