Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crossing Another Milestone Soon

Today, I want to take a little break from discussing my specific Spartan training for today (It was rest day, but I went to Zumba, hip hop cardio, and a fun box squat class with Coach Royce) to stop and take a breath.

I'm not much of a numbers person when it comes to weight.  I've been steadily plodding along, eating cookies sometimes when I feel like it, going to workouts when I didn't feel like it (hehe), and all the time my weight has gone down.  I'm still not entirely sure what to say to people when they tell me that I look "great," for two reasons.  The first is because usually that statement is followed up with "I should really do something about my weight."  I don't like it when people I'm around feel bad, so I just stand there and look uncomfortable.  The second is because usually that statement is followed up with "Keep it up."  Keep up eating cookies and sleeping late and lifting weights?  oh, ok.  It makes me feel like a fraud because I'm not eating spinach all the time (though I do eat it pretty often.)  But I digress.

Soon I'll be leaving the 300 Club and entering the 200 Club.  Right now, I'm sitting at a smooth 309 lbs.  I expect to be in the 200 Club by April.  (This feels like the 700 Club.  haha)

Me kicking it at York Beach!

I'm really glad that I took pictures and made videos as I've been chugging along.  I'm not one to say stupid stuff like "If I can do it, anybody can."  My eyes rolled just typing that nonsense in.  However, I like seeing the different stages I inhabited and the different clothes I wore.

It's strange inhabiting this new-ish body.  It has angles and aches that I didn't have when I was fatter. My boobs have gotten smaller, and so have my feet.  My glasses are too big, and so is my wedding ring.  I'm able to do more things because my knees and back don't hurt, but I still can't do as many things as I want (which right now is feeling like I could do the Beast in my sleep).  I sleep better, have had to move the driver's seat up in my car, spend way too much money replacing clothes, struggle with my relationship to other fat folks (more on that some other time), and make ridiculously ambitious goals.

Changing the number at the beginning of my weight will be everything and nothing.  Weight Watchers gave me a goal of around 170/180 lbs., so slipping into the 100 Club will be my last move. Perhaps I'm a little scared of what a maintenance mode could be.  I can't remember a time in my life when I've been asked to maintain my weight.

I'm glad I took a minute to write these thoughts out.  I wonder how other people have handled it.

Actually, I'll wonder about it later.  I've got to get to bed.  Because I'll be out of town this weekend, I'm switching my CrossFit day from Friday to tomorrow.  I'm also going to get in some treadmill time after the class.  ooh, tomorrow is the 15.2 announcement too.  Awesome!  I'll be doing it when I come home on Sunday.


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