Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Super Training: 19 Days To Go!

I was so caught up in the afterglow of the NJ Beast that I completely forgot to keep the party and stories going with tales of how I'm prepping for the June 21 Spartan Super.  I must say that I'm a bit nervous about this one because while it's not as long as the Beast, it's longer than the Sprint.  Some days I feel like it will be "easy," but then I remember that it's a Spartan Race.  haha

 The race takes place in Barre, Massachusetts, at a farm, and what's interesting is that it's not at a ski resort.  Now that I think about it, last year's Boston Sprint was at Amesbury Sports Park and I still feel like they found some serious hills for the sandbag carry and bucket brigade.  I'm not letting myself get lulled into a false sense of badassedness.

 For the Super, I've kept up much of my Beast training.  I'm still going to CrossFit (making some good progress there!  Today I began a new powerlifting program).  I'm still in Alex's classes keeping my muscles stretched and improving important things like balance and stability with lateral movements).  We're still not back in our house, so I haven't been able to walk around the neighborhood with my bucket of gravel.  I do take it to the park and walk uphill with it.  I hope all this bucket training pays off!  I have a spear, but because we're in a hotel I haven't been able to build the hay bale.  The good news is that I intend to continue doing Spartan races, so even if I don't do it this year, I can build it in the future.

 One thing I have been doing is racing in local obstacle course races to practice some skills.  I've done 2 races, the Thunder Run and the Wason Pond Pounder.  They are both great ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.  I can definitely feel myself getting stronger.  I posted pics on Instagram (my username is courtmars if you want to check them out)

 I'm not sure what my time will be on the Super.  I'm banking on about 6 hours.  I'll do all the stuff I did for the Beast in terms of nutrition, hydration, and first aid.

I'll keep a daily log until the race.  I like looking back at all I did.

Aroo!  Aroo!  Aroo!

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