Monday, August 17, 2015

Unbothered Day 17: Take Lots of Pictures!

ME: When you say the book's collection of photographs can be seen as concepts of beauty by efforts of self-empowerment, what does that mean?
DW: Well, it goes back to the images of people sitting in front of the photographer's camera -- looking at themselves and thinking about how they are empowered in their own sense, and their body. They have experienced projections of their body in many ways, out and in and people looking back.-photography scholar Dr. Deborah Willis in an interview with Max Eternity

I love taking pictures!  I love striking poses, making faces, and choosing props!  Later I get to relive the silliness and pride of the adventure.  If you are thinking about documenting your progress, go for it!  Don't wait.  In a world which idealizes the "before" and "after" transformation shot, choose to chronicle all your awesomeness as much as you want.  As a Black woman in the fat fitness community, I feel it's even more important for me to get out there in front of the camera!

Anything for a good shot!

I have met some amazing instructors, coaches, and trainers.
If you have a slamming class, I'm coming to it!

I wear cute shirts!

Thought For Today:  Girl, don't I need some more pics?

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