Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Unbothered Day 26: Cats, Cakes, and Comparisons

I've got 4 cats: Church, Colonel Sanders, Popeye, and Paula Deen.  They don't look anything alike.  If somebody asked me which one is the most beautiful, I couldn't answer that.  I can't rank them.  

Spending time with my cat buddies is one of the ways I learned to stop wanting to look like other women.  Not only can I not rank them in terms of cuteness, they don't even care about being cute. They've got more important things to do like napping, knocking pens off the table, "helping" me make the bed, and hiding my watch.  Most importantly, they don't care if I'm cute.  We're just pals (and by pals, I mean that I am their servant, big homie, and fan club president)

I'm still a work in progress though and check myself whenever any of those thoughts pop up! Feel free to check me if you hear me comparing.  

In conclusion,

(You can replace cake with your favorite sliceable dish)  

You are perfectly you, and I am perfectly me!   

Thought For Today:  What makes me special?

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