Saturday, August 8, 2015

Unbothered Day 8: Celebrate Your Progress

Today I'm at a women's CrossFit competition, "No Baby, Leave The Socks On," for the second year.  Last year I was terrified because I had to do single unders.  I went to the store, got a rope, and started jumping rope in my backyard. (I might have that video somewhere.  I'll post it!)  When it was my turn to go, I told my judge that I wouldn't get through the jumping to the burpees. However I did!

Today the challenge was squats.  There were wall balls in WOD 2 and front squats in WOD 3.  My knees don't like squatting, and I worked hard for the few reps I got.  I got below parallel with wall balls for the first time.

Tomorrow I'm going to a Punk Rope certification so I can teach jump rope fitness classes.  What a difference a year makes!!  I'm still working on stuff, but my big victory is that tomorrow I'm intentionally learning something that scared me a year ago.  I turned a fear into an opportunity to have even more fitness fun.  Also, I registered for this competition knowing that front squats would be a problem, but I stuck with it anyway.  #cute

Facing my fears is how I measure my progress.

Thought For Today:  What are some other ways of measuring progress that have nothing to do with weight loss, increased reps, or faster times?   

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