Friday, April 17, 2015

Beast Eve!

The morning started out fun.  I went to 7am Piloxing which turned into Body Sculpt, but I didn't really do anything but stretch, so it's whatever.  I paid Alex for my recital jacket just in case I die tomorrow.  Bury me a G.  I went back to the room where Brian told me, "Don't come back crippled," and then I was off to pick up Eugene!

I look so cute.  Don't you agree?

The ride down was nice and easy.  Eugene is really insightful and funny.  The rain stopped, and we found an incredible pho place in East Hartford.  We intend on going back on the way home!

No really.  I wish my Camelbak was filled with this broth.

After lunch, we went for a little walk so our noodles could move around.  I saw this lion just kicking it outside on the stoop.

We made it to the hotel.  I had a lollipop in the parking lot and recreated the face I made when I saw that there is snow on the mountain.

  I repacked my stuff and filled my Camelbak. Then I went to Subway for a soggy chicken sandwich.  Why are they always so terrible and why do I keep giving those fools another chance?  sigh  I listened to Beyoncé for some inspiration, read some FB posts from fellow racers, texted with Alex about the usual nonsense, talked to Jennifer about contingency panties, took off my wedding ring (I never race with it.  #allthesingleladies), and now it's time for bed.  

I'm so glad this process ended the same way it started, with laughs!  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm nervous for the bucket brigade and the sandbag carry, but am excited about everything else.  One foot in front of the other.  Keep it cute.  Channel Beyoncé when needed.  Slay in my finisher shirt afterwards.  


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