Thursday, August 13, 2015

Unbothered Day 13: "I am deliberate"

oh Audre Lorde!  Is there anything you can't help us with?

Being deliberate means working with intention and purpose.  To quote Elisabeth Akinwale, "No junk reps!"  Yesterday I started working on a business plan.  I had originally thought of bringing my classes to the community, and I'm also thinking farther ahead about building a fat-friendly fitness space, a place where every body is welcome and no one is left behind.   When I remember Lorde's encouraging words, I can send that email, call that contact, and research that exercise.  I'm working with intention and purpose on the things that matter.

I'd also like to do some workout videos like these cool Canadians at Body Exchange!  The sky ain't even the limit to what I can do.

In related workout news, on Tuesday night, I was at a class, and the workout was 5 rounds of rows, push ups, crunches, and squats with a 3-minute rest in between each round.  As usual, I finished last.  tee hee  Part of the reason why I was slower than usual is because I was deliberate with my movements.  I wanted perfect row form.  When it was time to do push ups, I chose to go deeper and slower to make sure I was challenging myself.  When I did crunches, I made sure I was breathing and raising myself higher than I had in the past.  For the squats, I couldn't do them full range, but I kept my butt back and chest high. I also made myself take the full 3 minutes of rest.  I left the workout feeling proud of myself, and the next day soreness let me know that I made good choices.

Girl, I'm on it!

Thought For Today: What are my intentions and are they shaping my actions today?

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