Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Unbothered Day 12: "no educator to compare with"

Ida B. Wells knew that the information we put into our heads has to be top notch, and these days I make a conscious effort to change the media I allow into my house and head.  I can't reward white supremacist magazines and fatphobic advertisements with my hard-earned dollars.  Not today, Satan.  Not today.

Today is a pretty relaxed day.  I've been going nonstop since Saturday, and my muscles are so achy! I'm waiting for my tri top to be delivered, so I can go preview Saturday's triathlon course.  (Lord, please let this thing fit!  They say they're supposed to be snug, but I don't like being uncomfortable) In the meantime, I'm doing my mountain of laundry and packing the rest of my gear for Saturday.  I'm also eating good food, drinking lots of water, and spending as much time in bed with my feet up as possible!

While I'm puttering around the house, I'm listening to some fat-positive YouTube videos.  Here are some of the things I like.  

Tamara Blue is so adorable and fun here.  

I like what Pinky has to say here about fat shaming.  She says that the same people who fat shame her have lives filled with fat women.  She got them together!  

I love this TED talk because it is indeed ok to be fat! I know that's a controversial statement, but it's true.

I keep saying that I'd a YouTube channel so that I can keep creating the content that I want.  Maybe today is the day I get off my patoot.  

Thought For Today:  Does the media I allow into my life encourage me to celebrate my body?  

Holla at y'all later!

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