Monday, November 2, 2015

Let's Get It: Day 1

Yesterday I spoke at the Black New England conference on an essay on Michelle Obama and Serena Williams that I'm committing to finishing this month, "Ain't I An Athlete?", and I also worked with two dynamic people on setting fitness goals.  I sent someone an Audre Lorde quote and showed another person how to stretch.  I really love the work I do.

This month will be super busy! 

November 1: Half marathon
November 7: Fenway Spartan Sprint
November 14: South Carolina Spartan Beast
November 20-22: Personal trainer certification exam
November 29: Zumba Basic 2

I'm also going to finish that essay, submit my Punk Rope certification video, find a spot for my Zumba class (that I also need to finish), work hard at my internship, and finalize my logo/shirt designs (I want some new gym shirts, and I have a specific idea of what I like.)

Here's to a month of self-love and self-respect!

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