Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Let's Get It: Day 3

Today was a pretty neat day.

Last night I had dinner with a friend and she said that I should write a book.  I said ok!  Today was Day 2 with Coach Royce, and I got to watch him train a client.  I already have pages of notes and questions about everything from different types of cueing to programming rest between sets.  I also got to life a 60 pound dumbbell.  This internship is a great experience.  I sent out a query email regarding a Zumba Gold class and got a warm response and request for a resume.  Another place invited me to come in for an audition.

I get lots of requests for help with fitness stuff, and I'm happy to respond to everybody.  I sent off a few emails today.   I didn't write any of my muscles article, but I'll do it tomorrow.  

Tomorrow I teach the Gentle Fitness class.  We're going to start out with a short discussion about body positivity.  Then we're going to go over a paper filled with strength/balance exercises and stretches.  It should be fun.  My usual Zumba class got moved, so I need to figure out something new.

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