Sunday, March 16, 2014

CrossFit-Week 1

I don't think I have 9 things that I'm learning, but I thought this was a nice picture and went with it.  I have been contemplating joining CrossFit for almost a year. Last summer, I got to cheer on my then new friend Alex in a CrossFit competition, and this was my first time seeing how great the community was.  Fast forward a whole bunch a months and yesterday I found myself with Kate Stone on my very first day of CrossFit.  Here's what we did.
 She said I could choose to warm up on a stationary bike or a rowing machine.  I chose to row because I really didn't want the bike seat to hurt my butt.  I rowed for 200 meters.  This was especially cool because I had seen 300 the night before and totally felt like a rower.  This was fun.  Then we stretched from our head to our feet.  I was surprised at how tight my muscles felt because they had felt looser on Friday morning.

We reviewed back squats.  Squats used to get on my knees' last nerves, but my form is way better.  I tried it with a little weight.  Things were cool.  I'll keep working on them.

 The WOD was called 21-15-9.  I did a round of air squats, ring rows, and push ups.  At the end, I rowed another 200 meters.  Overall, the squats and rows were good.  Push ups are rough!  It's not that I can't do them.  It's that I get so sweaty and start dripping on the floor.  I was surprised that I was able to get through all this without stopping a bunch a times.  I left feeling nice and tired and super excited to return tomorrow (Monday!)
 One thing that struck me on Saturday was the fact that there were three men there doing their intro class (the class I did on Monday).  The guy they were with had them jumping on boxes and squatting way down to the floor and jumping rope.  I really saw that CrossFit is for everybody.  There's no way that I'm jumping on boxes anytime soon, but I still had a great workout and worked really hard.

After a great session, I went over to Zumba class with Alex.  She got a kick out of my soreness and fatigue, but what else is new?  haha

ok, so let's see.  Might I have 9 things that I'm learning?  I'll keep adding to this list as the weeks go on.

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification about a move.
  2. Drinking water is super important!  
  3. Keep an encouraging self-talk tape going in your head.
  4. Ask tons of questions!
  5. You can always scale and find a movement you're comfortable with.
  6. Cool down after class.  Go for a walk and have a nice snack.
  7. Sign up for competitions and observe competitions.  This is great for motivation and for learning skills.
  8. Make friends!  Everybody is really nice.
  9. Keep it up!  It won't get easier, but you'll get better.

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  1. I need jumping help. Let me know when you get there. You might have to show me the way. Jumping up on something higher than a curb makes me all nervous!