Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beast Training-76 Days (Walking Indoors is Boring!!)

Today my goal was to go 4 miles, but it's cold and icy outside.  I put on my luchador socks and strutted over to the gym.

First I went to the indoor track over the basketball court.  I quickly lost count of the number of laps I had done, so that was classy and awesome.  I did have a backpack full of stuff to simulate the race course, but no Camelbak.  I brought a small bag of honey roasted peanuts, so that was pretty badass.

Feeling like this really shouldn't be this difficult and that maybe a PhD should have prepared me, I went down to the treadmill and hopped on.  I walked for a bit and listened to the end of The Read.  I had the brilliant idea to try out some of the presets.  Note:  When they ask you for a maximum speed and incline, don't think that they're just being nice and won't use it.  So after that heart attack, I did a manual program and put it on the maximum incline to see how I liked it.  

It's on 10.0, but fuzzy because I couldn't keep still.  I really liked that experiment.

After the gym I went to the library and picked up a portable foods cookbook.  I have to think about race nutrition, so I'll try some of these recipes.

There are some yummy things in here.  
Tomorrow is a rest day, but I plan to hit the gym and do some more walking and swimming.  That will be nice!  More snow is on the way.  That will not be so nice.


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